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Innovation and Learning in Dynamic City-Regions

The Second International Conference on the Process of Innovation and Learning in Dynamic City-Regions was held in Bangalore, India, 13-15 July 2005. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka, a booming city, centre of the IT industry and usually referred as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India.

The conference focused on the governance of regional innovation and the policies that City-Regions have to develop to support the development of the innovative industrial clusters. A series of case studies were presented including the city-regions of Costa Rica, Inchon – South Korea, Johannesburg – South Africa, Monterrey – Mexico, Pearl River Delta – China, as well as three major cases from India, Bangalore and the IT cluster, Pune and the automotive cluster, and Tirupur and the textile and garment cluster.

The conference in Bangalore was the second from a series of international meetings organised by UNIDO to better understand the necessary conditions for and the emergence of innovative City-Regions, as well as the challenges for a more even economic development. The first conference was held in Shenzhen (China) in 2002 and the next is planned in Monterrey, Mexico.