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Future Technologies

Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: A technical, political and institutional map of emerging technologies

‘Future Technologies’ presents how Greenpeace is thinking about emerging technologies. The aim of the report is to provide basic, background information of global scope on three emerging technologies: nanotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. These three fields may well be on a convergent path.

As Dr Doug Parr, Greenpeace Chief Scientist notes ‘New technologies feature prominently in our ongoing campaigns against genetic modified crops and nuclear power; however, they are also an integral part of our solutions to environmental problems, including renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind and wave power, and waste treatment technologies, such as mechanical–biological treatment. So while Greenpeace accepts and relies upon the merits of many new technologies, we campaign against other technologies that have a potentially profound negative impact on the environment.

Source: Future Technologies