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Italian Industrial Districts

92 industrial districts appear on the portal of the Italian Industrial Districts Club. They are found in many traditional industry sectors: food, paper, plastics, rubber, mechanics, jewellery, leather, shoes, furniture, textiles, and clothing. The profile of each district outlines among others its specialisation, number of companies and employees, and sales turnover. Main distinctive characteristics of the districts are the specialisation in a manufacturing sector, the division of work between companies, high entrepreneurial levels, and close ties between the social and economic life.

The Industrial Districts Club was established in 1994 with the purpose representing the specific interests of these industrial realities. The objectives include: (1) to create a network between district operators to assist the exchange of information and experience regarding common problems; (2) to give greater visibility to the role played by the industrial districts in the national economy, (3) to support the interests of the districts at national and European government level; and (4\0 to promote research into the industrial district phenomenon.

More: http://www.distretti.org/eng/indexeng.htm

Source: Industrial Districts Club