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Intelligent Cities 2005

Top intelligent cities and regions for 2005, selected by the Intelligent Community Forum for their achievements in the field of innovation and broadband infrastructure development present a variety of profiles and trajectories:

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France was selected for developing a digital city project enabling various forms of e-government, digital democracy, and e-education.

Mitaka, Japan, for a long term policy of innovation and ICT development and the more recent public-private project ‘Mitaka City of Tomorrow’ serving as testing bed for information home appliances and e-citizen applications.

Pirai, Brazil, a small city located outside Rio de Janeiro with a population of 23,000, for its efforts to develop a wireless broadband network providing high connectivity to every public facility, and the ‘Pirai Digital City’ project, linking schools, laboratories and libraries.

Singapore, for the outstanding progress that has continued to achieve over the last 5 years and for its ambitious new vision for creating a digital trading hub for the Asia-Pacific region.

Sunderland, United Kingdom, a city with a population of 280,000, for its commitment to shaping a knowledge- and broadband-based economy, including projects such as the Rainton Bridge business park, the development of a new science park, high-speed connectivity networks, and e-government applications.

Tianjin, China, an industrial and port city of 11 million people in northern China, for its efforts to develop optical fiber lines providing the backbone for a broadband wireless network covering the entire city and supporting e- government, e-health, and e-payment applications serving most of the public administration departments.

Toronto, Canada, for a long term policy in favour of broadband communications development and the eCity program aiming to improve both the internal workings of government and the delivery of services to citizens.

Source: Intelligent Community Forum