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Integrating Regional Intelligence

The International Conference on Integrating Regional Intelligence is organised in the framework of the Meta-Foresight initiative, an international project financed by the European Commission through the “Regions of Knowledge” Pilot Action.

This Conference will be held on the 6th and 7th of October in Cáceres (Extremadura Region), one of the 8 world heritage cities of Spain. Caceres is a unique example of a really well preserved medieval and renaissance town. The Conference Venue will be located in “Complejo Cultural San Francisco”, and old convent founded on the 1472, which has been fully restored and is actually used for cultural activities.

The conference is envisaged as a forum for discussing how experiences from applied projects and research may feed regional policy and public action for the knowledge-based society. In addition to presenting the results of Meta-Foresight, presentations will be given on several regional intelligence projects. The aim is to bring together political decision-makers, experts from the European Commission, the academic community, entrepreneurs, managers of successful projects and all those involved in creating learning capacities within the regions and integrating regional intelligence.

The Conference will be a day and a half event. A total of four sessions are planned, each one will include a number of presentations on key issues, followed by a Q&A period. Even though the conference organisation is based on a unidirectional presentation style, care has been taken to encourage communication and interaction among participants. The individual sessions have the following objectives:

    Session 1: Regional intelligence and the Meta-foresight project
    Session 2: Regional foresight
    Session 3: Regional sources of knowledge
    Session 4: Networking for innovation

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