Urenio Watch Watch: Virtual Innovation Environment

Virtual Innovation Environments

Interactions taking place on digital space complement the creative processes that occur into communities and institutional systems of innovation. A series of IT applications, solutions, and digital tools may be used to sustain innovation through virtual interaction and communication. Most are based on conventional information technologies and Internet-based platforms. The core of solutions is rather on knowledge management and information guidance than on sophisticated telecommunications and media; services and innovation management tools predominate over bandwidth.

The virtual innovation environment that we have created at URENIO is based on five IT platforms:

The Platform for Intelligence combines applications and tools allowing benchmarking for companies, communities and regions, technology and market watch, and the meta-foresight toolbox.

The Platform for Technology Transfer is based on the Virtual Research Centre toolbox, including applications for the dissemination of research products and services, and roadmaps for IPR, product development, and management of quality.

The Platform for New Companies Creation combines online tools for drafting business plans, marketing plans, technology audit, cost-benefit analysis, while under development is a tool for online market research. A roadmap to spin-off creation is also available.

The Platform for New Product Development is based on the stage-gate new product development model, including tools for ideas generation, evaluation, product design, prototyping, and commercialisation. It supports NPD services and training, as well as network-based new product development.

The Platform for Innovation Promotion is based on a digital city application allowing the promotion of communities, products, and services.

Most of the above tools and applications are open at the address: