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IntelCities Project

IntelCities is an integrated RTD project funded from EU FP6 through the IST Programme. It brings together 18 cities, led by Manchester and Siena, with 20 ICT companies including Nokia, Microsoft and CISCO and 36 research groups to pool advanced knowledge and experience of electronic government, planning systems and citizen participation from across Europe.

The project aims to create a new and innovative set of interoperable, e-government services that will provide information to all citizens and businesses about all aspects of city life via interactive city-wide Internet based applications. By providing these services, IntelCities will:

(1) Address poor quality information that prevents the effective use, management and planning of cities.

(2) Support the everyday needs of citizens and business by providing 24 hour access to transactional city services.

(3) Develop more efficient city management by integrating services across city authorities, regional and national government agencies, utility and transport system providers, non-governmental organisation networks and citizens.

(4) Enable citizens and businesses to play a far more participative and inclusive role in city planning via more reliable city modelling, predictive planning, and advanced visualisation technologies

Source:IntelCities website