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Europe W2i Digital Cities Convention

At the fourth W2i Digital Cities Convention, organized in cooperation with UNITAR and the Basque local government in Bilbao, Spain (7-9 November 2005), the Wireless Internet Institute will work with international development organizations, local government associations, field practitioners and the private sector to draft an action plan for local government planning and deployment of broadband-wireless infrastructures for economic and social development.

The Wireless Internet Institute

W2i is an independent thought leadership group bringing together stakeholders around the world to accelerate the adoption of wireless Internet in support of universal connectivity for economic, social and educational development.

Convention Overview

Digital Cities Convention fosters the adoption of broadband wireless technologies under the leadership of local government officials and related real estate owners such as campuses, office or industrial parks, residential developments and other local communities:

  • Sharing and documenting best practices among early adopters
  • Facilitating the interaction of buyers and sellers through the display of integrated solutions and case studies
  • Offering a thought leadership platform for stakeholders to explore and develop innovative funding and implementation scenarios
  • Providing basic know how and tool kits to allow potential users to gain confidence in the new technology