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Innovation Management Open PLM

Centric Software’s OpenPLM� Business Solutions address critical business issues that call for major improvements in team collaboration, CAD interoperability, process management, data management and decision support. All Centric solutions are built on the same proven technology platform, but each is configured to address a different problem. Each solution satisfies the specific needs of executives, managers and team members and supports the required processes and functions using the appropriate industry-specific vernacular.

The Platform includes:

Innovation Management Solution, which delivers the tools you need to capture ideas, validate concepts and maximize your product portfolio value.

Concept Validation Solution, which delivers on the promise of conceptual design. Integrate, validate and optimize CAD and CAE designs BEFORE you invest in detailed engineering and physical prototypes.

Collaborative Outsourcing Solution, which delivers the tools you need to work effectively with partners next door and across the globe. Share information, coordinate activities and monitor team progress to complete your global projects faster, with greater accuracy at a lower cost.

Design-Build Solution,which provides the tools you need to efficiently manage project information, coordinate distributed activities, resolve issues quickly and deliver your design-build projects on schedule and on budget.

Source: Centric Software