Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation

Innovation in a New Century

In 2004, IBM conducted a worldwide study on innovation, the Global Innovation Outlook, and one of the key findings on the changing nature of innovation in the 21st century is that it requires wider collaboration across disciplines and specialties. In fact, the study concluded, among other things, that “combinations of technologies, expertise, business models and policies will now drive innovation.”

Over the course of 10 meetings in 24 days on 3 continents, more than 100 leaders from business, academia, government, and other organizations joined with IBM’s top researchers and consultants to examine three areas that affect broad swaths of society and are ripe for innovation:

  • The future of healthcare
  • The relationship between government and its citizens
  • The intersection of work and life

The GIO doesn’t attempt to provide all the answers or offer solutions to every issue raised. Its real value arises from the questions, implications and even contradictions inherent in its discussions.