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Innovation Culture in the Regions

Why do some regions perform better than others in terms of innovation? An increasing number of European regions are becoming aware of that insufficient innovation performance often is the consequence of an underlying cause – the lack of a regional innovation culture. A culture, where innovation is not considered as a specific activity for a small minority but the generation and implementation of new ideas is part of the daily life, is an essential driver of regional innovation – the lack of it, a main barrier.

The aim with this workshop, which is organised by the IRE Secretariat in collaboration with the Northwest Development Agency, is to present regional initiatives that successfully address the issue of regional innovation culture. The seminar includes examples of schemes aiming to promote an innovation culture among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit in a region and creating innovative environments.

IRE workshop: Promoting an Innovation Culture in the Regions, Liverpool, UK, 27-28 October 2005