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The 7th Annual Baltic Development Forum Summit

The main theme of the Summit, which will take place in Stockholm, 16-18 October, is Competitiveness and Innovation, and a significant part will be dedicated to the new Lisbon Strategy and how its implementation can be ensured through national and regional ownership. This is one of the new focus areas in the 2005 State of the Region Report, which will be officially launched at the Summit. The report is a unique benchmarking tool for the region’s development, prepared by distinguished researchers at Harvard Business School and Stockholm School of Economics.

The summit is co-organised by th Baltic Development Forum and VINNOVA and is co-hosted with the City of Stockholm and the Swedish government. Nordea is the official summit partner.

This year’s Summit also puts a special focus on Northwest Russia as an important part of the region. Russia is therefore represented in no less than three sessions spanning from very practical issues to high-level policy discussions. Northwest Russia’s role and potential is further developed in the State of the Region Report.

Another focus of the Summit will be the Baltic Sea Initiative 2010, which aims at enabling better co-ordination of existing initiatives, defining joint ambitions, and ultimately, formulating a strategy and action agenda for how to better utilize the region’s competitive potential.

The Baltic Development Forum is a member-based networking organisation. The members of Baltic Development Forum are large companies, major cities, institutional investors and business associations from all over the Baltic Sea region. Baltic Development Forum works with a wide range of partners. The network involves more than 2,000 decision makers from all over the region and beyond.