Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation Clusters

Cluster Practitioners Network

The Competitiveness Institute is a not-for-profit alliance of cluster practitioners. TCI’s mission is to improve living standards and the local competitiveness of regions throughout the world, by fostering cluster-based development initiatives.

Its membership base is more than 300 leading practitioners from all levels of governments and from the private sector, coming from more than 40 countries. By sharing knowledge and experience members gain access to leading insights and expertise and the most recent global developments in competitiveness theory.

TCI organises annual conferences where members join together to share ideas, build alliances and explore the best modes of economic development. Additionally information is offered about specific clusters, introductory courses on cluster theory and presentations given by an array of world experts.

In order to provide information about past cluster projects and reports about new developments, TCI has established a cluster database and contact list. Members can request particular information and seek advice from those who appear on the contact list to assist with their own ventures. This is particularly useful for those wanting to consult with other professionals in their field or swap expertise between different working environments.