Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent Cities / Smart Cities

Intelligent Environments

The book is a reader edited by P. Droege (University of Sydney, Faculty of Architecture). As noted in the editorial review, “it is an attempt at registering disciplinary changes in context, at tracing subtexts for which most mainstream disciplines have no established language. The project is to give voice to an emerging meta-discipline that has its logic across the specializations.

The volume provides an international, exploratory forum for the complex phenomenon of new information and communication technology as it permeates and transforms our physical world, and our relation to it: the architectural definition of our surrounding, geographical space, urban form and immediate habitats. The space navigated in this volume is vast, both in physical terms and in its virtual and analogous form. It ranges from the space that immediately encompasses, or is simulated to encompass, the human body – as in buildings and virtual tectonics – to that of towns and regions.

A wide range of professionals and academics report findings, views and ideas. Together, they describe the architecture of a postmodern paradigm: how swiftly mutating the proliferating technology applications have begun to interact with the construction and reading of physical space in architecture, economics, geography, history, planning, social sciences, transport, visual art – but also in the newer domains that have joined this spectrum through the very nature of their impacts: information technology and telecommunications”.

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