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Εntrepreneurship Lessons for Kids

Hot Shot Business blends fast-paced, fun game play with real-world lessons to teach kids entrepreneurship concepts and skills as they build a virtual business from the ground up.

The entrepreneurship experts at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the creative team of Disney Online joined forces on Hot Shot Business, an Internet simulation that allows kids to experience the adventure of starting and running their own businesses. It is part of the Kids Island section of Disney Online.

The game is designed specifically for children ages 9 – 12, to introduce entrepreneurial thinking during a unique stage of their development when economic habits are being formed.

Kinds borrow capital or find a partner, then open a skateboard factory, pet spa, or comic book shop. They start marketing campaigns; change products, services, and prices; and most importantly, respond quickly to demanding customers and big news events. Young business owners have got to think fast and stay on top of market trends, customer preferences, and news events to make their business succeed.

Disney Online – Hot Shot Business