Urenio Watch Watch: Regional Systems of Innovation

Globalisation and Regional Innovation Systems

“The Program on Globalization and Regional Innovation Systems (PROGRIS) at the Centre for International Studies was established by Meric S. Gertler and David A. Wolfe to study a key aspect of the global economy: how firms and institutions interact to foster the innovation process in a regional context.

Main assumption is that globalization is marked by two related processes: (1) the growing integration of individual economies in terms of investment, trade, research and development, and even product identification and marketing, and (2) the emergence of a new set of information technologies that link computers, telecommunications and media together in digital form.

Together, these processes are reshaping the economies of both the industrial and industrializing countries and altering the accepted wisdom about how they operate. Further, they address the ability of governing institutions to efficiently and equitably assist firms and their workers to adapt to these changes”.