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The 10 Faces of Innovation

“Innovation is all about people. It is about the roles people can play, the hats they can put on, the personas they can adopt.” In an exclusive book excerpt from the General Manager of Ideo, we meet the 10 personality types he takes to keep creativity thriving. The writer classifies these 10 personality types into three categories: The Learning Personas, the Organizing Personas, and the Building Personas

The Learning Personas
These personas are learning roles, played by individuals who are humble enough to question their own worldview, and in doing so, they remain open to new insights every day.

The Organizing Personas
These personas are organizing roles, played by individuals who are savvy about the often counterintuitive process of how organizations move ideas forward.

The Building Personas
These personas are building roles that apply insights from the learning roles and channel the empowerment from the organizing roles to make innovation happen.

“The appeal of the personas is that they work,” said Tom Kelley, the author of the book. “Not in theory or in the classroom but in the unforgiving marketplace. Ideo has battle-tested them thousands of times in a real-world laboratory for innovation. The personas are about “being innovation” rather than merely “doing innovation.” Take on one or more of these roles, and you’ll be taking a conscious step toward becoming more of an innovator in your daily life.”