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Broadband Cities 2005

Broadband Cities 2005 brings together hundreds of civic leaders, city managers, and broadband decision makers from the U.S. and around the world to experience best practices and innovations in community broadband deployment. The conference represents a confluence of Smart Communities across the Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East that are showcasing the value and applications of true broadband to the home, business, and institution.

Leading providers of broadband technology, infrastructure, and content had a unique opportunity to utilize Fiber to the Floor of 100 Mbps or more to showcase never-before-seen live applications, including innovative entertainment, gaming, education and healthcare demonstrations over blazing live mega-broadband connections.

Broadband Cities brought industry pundits and pioneers together for:

* dynamic keynote presentations
* how-to sessions on the phases and stages of community broadband implementation
* international broadband demonstrations and awards ceremonies
* unique exhibitor/attendee matchmaking and networking opportunities
* tours of dynamic cities at work in Utah
* cutting-edge video and audio presentation formats and staging
* compelling new entertainment, games, and government services possible over broadband
* intimate, innovative, accessible Olympic venue location nestled in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains

The proceedings of the conference contain valuable knowledge and guidance from those who have designed, funded, constructed, managed, and benefited from deploying large-scale Open Access Networks in America and abroad.


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