Urenio Watch Watch: Innovative Cities & Regions

Regions of Knowledge 1

The “Regions of Knowledge” pilot action, introduced by the European Parliament, aims to support experimental actions at regional level in four areas:

    (1) Technology audits and regional foresight: focusing on analysis of the regional economy and technological fabric as well as identifying future development scenarios for a knowledge based economy.

    (2) University driven actions for regional development: demonstrating how universities can play significant roles by providing expertise and advice for local companies or public institutions, as well as stimulating technology creation and uptake by creating spin-off companies and incubators across regions.
    (3) Mentoring initiatives: focusing on networking between technologically advanced and less-advanced regions (Objective 1 regions) and providing knowledge and experience sharing for technology based regional development.
    (4) Supporting activities: providing workshops or conferences, raising awareness about the importance of knowledge as a driving factor for local and regional development.

A list, summaries, and links to the 14 selected projects is available at http://www.cordis.lu/era/regions_knowreg1.htm