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Collaborative Innovation Summit

At Business Innovation Factory’s Collaborative Innovation Summit (BIF-1), participants and storytellers shared stories about how boundary-less collaboration is transforming how value is delivered in every arena, from health care and education to security and entertainment.

Hosted by Richard Saul Wurman, TED founder, architect, designer and prolific author, and John Seely Brown, former Xerox chief scientist and Xerox PARC director, BIF-1, held October 19-20, 2005, featured storytellers from across the United States who redefine the rules of innovation.

BIF-1 participants included executives and organizational leaders responsible for growth, strategy and innovation who wanted to connect with the best thinking, network with like-minded peers, and tap into new innovation resources.

Unlike most conferences, the BIF-1 summit wasn’t about canned PowerPoint presentations or organizational commercials. BIF-1 storytellers used personal experiences and insights to stimulate thinking—not about best practices, but about next practices—in trans-disciplinary collaboration and innovation.

About Business Innovation Factory
The Business Innovation Factory is a community of innovators collaborating to explore and test better ways to deliver value. BIF Members and Partners explore business model innovation through a series of experiences designed to get ideas off of the white board and onto the ground as quickly and cost effectively as possible.