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The Startup School

Startup School is designed to teach entrepreneurs what they really need to know to make their great idea a great company. More than 500 startup-minded people from all over the world came together to hear successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, tech accountants, and tech lawyers tell them how to do it, and better yet, how not to do it.

Startup School is Y Combinator’s initiative to help more potential entrepreneurs understand the process of moving from an idea to a company. Y Combinator is a new kind of venture firm specializing in funding early stage startups. The company funds startups in batches instead of taking the usual approach of funding startups individually.

The first Startup School took place at Science Center B, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA on 15 Oct 2005, 9:00 am. The list of speakers included Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple Computer), Steve Wolfram (creator of Mathematica and A New Kind of Science), and Chris Sacca, who does new business development for Google.