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Conference on Entrepreneurship Education

The Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education (REE) is designed to stimulate communication and collaboration between business, science, and engineering faculty who teach high-technology entrepreneurship in universities around the world.

REE offers an opportunity for entrepreneurship programs to share success stories and learn new ways to enhance their offerings. The meeting includes a formal program and interactive workshops, as well as many opportunities for informal discussions with colleagues.

REE Core Objectives

  1. Create a forum for college educators to discuss the strategic and organizational issues of educating engineers, scientists, and others about technology entrepreneurship.
  2. Share experiences, best practices, and plans for teaching, research and outreach in a productive and relaxed setting.
  3. Establish and strengthen relationships that often lead to future interaction and opportunities; formulate ideas for future gatherings.

The REE is organised by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP). STVP is the entrepreneurship center within the Stanford University School of Engineering. STVP is dedicated to accelerating high-technology entrepreneurship research and education for engineers and scientists worldwide.

REE conference archives provide a listing of past international REE conferences and REE USA Web sites. Archived sites contain presentations, notes, pictures, and other relevant material from the conferences.