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Digital Strategy 2006-2013 for Greece

DigitalStrategyIn 2005, was worked out by the Committee of Information technology for first time a completed Digital Strategy for Greece, regarding the period 2006-2013. Digital Strategy 2006-2013 aims in the realisation of a “digital jump” in the productivity and the quality of life, electing the information and communication technologies as the new competences for the strategic direction of country for the next period.

The Committee for the design of the proposed strategy followed four steps so that it engraves the digital course of country for period 2006-2013.

  • Step 1st: Diagnosis – localisation of root of problems that impendes the distribution of technologies of information technology and communications in the country.
  • Step 2nd: Analysis of international policies that concerns in the Society of Information and in the new technologies. Localisation of good examples but also failures of other countries.
  • Step 3rd: Study the international and European developments in the sector of Society of Information (policy of EU i2010, developments WSIS etc)
  • Step 4th: Configuration of the basic directions of digital strategy for the period until 2013, apprising the particularities of Greek economy and society.

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