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Intelligent Innovation

Innovation management tools and technologies is an emerging IT market and it is likely to attract more interest as more and more companies put innovation at the heart of their competitive strategy. Information technologies offer solutions to typical innovation problems, such as creativity management, new product development, product life cycle management, enabling organisations to tackle the dialy challenges of innovation.

Ventana Research, a leading Performance Management research and advisory services firm, estimates that “the innovation technology management market is about to undergo some disruptive innovation of its own as it begins to mature and break out of its current fragmented silo-orientation. Disruptive change will be driven by ideation vendors building or buying innovation awareness/creativity functionality and by PLM vendors building or buying ideation functionality and/or IP and brand management functionality.

Innovation management technology will not develop like the CRM market, where a new player rapidly became the market leader. Instead, the market will become the latest battleground between Microsoft and SAP. Microsoft could play well in the innovation awareness, creativity, and ideation spaces by judiciously combining and developing existing Office application assets, plus an acquisition or two. SAP could play well in the IP/Brand management, ideation, and PLM spaces.”

Source: Intelligent Enterprise