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Collaborative Entrepreneurship

Anticipating the future environment of business, Collaborative Entrepreneurship discusses a revolutionary new competitive strategy of continuous innovation that fulfills the need for efficient provision of a constant stream of new products, services, and markets. The book explains how firms can build a collaborative community within which they can freely share in the creation of wealth through innovation with the assurance that the wealth they create will be equitably distributed. Today, the ability of firms to innovate is restricted by barriers both inside the firm and within their existing markets-barriers that produce limited knowledge utilization and incremental innovations. Collaborative Entrepreneurship describes how these barriers can be overcome so that shared knowledge can drive continuous, sustained innovation across a network of firms and markets.

Collaborative Entrepreneurship: How Networked Firms Use Continuous Innovation to Create Economic Wealth. A book from Raymond E. Miles, Grant Miles, and Charles C. Snow. Stanford University Press.

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