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The Alpha Summit Europe 2005 brought together world experts in each of the fields of technology, education, entrepreneurship and private equity in order to synthesize their combined experiences to help the European technopreneurship communities to realize their full potential.

The Summit has been held over 2 days – 6th & 7th December in Munich.

Its goal was to:

* Highlight outstanding European technology start-ups.
* Establish best practices for building successful European technology ventures.
* Gain global insights from the world’s entrepreneurial elite.
* Provide networking opportunities for 21st century entrepreneurs.

The 3 main themes of the conference were:

* Track A. Disruptive business models (divided into BioMed and ICT tracks).
* Track B. Building the €100 Million company from technological research.
* Track C. Globalization (and how it pertains to tomorrow’s technopreneurs).

Apart from the conference, an Investors & Industry Forum was organised were start-ups, venture capitalists and major corporations had the chance to meet each other in pre-arranged pitches to develop business opportunities. The organisers selected the most promising European technology start-ups and brought them together with major corporations and venture capital based on the demands of industry and what the start-ups have to offer.

About Alpha Consortium
The organisers of the summit, Alpha Consortium, is a pan-European group of organizations fostering technology entrepreneurship. Among others, the Alpha Consortium comprises the Cambridge Network (UK), Munich Network and The Entrepreneurial Group as founding members. Its goal is to establish a clear 5 year strategy to stimulate economic growth in the European Technopreneurial Community.