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Modelling Innovation Environments

The paper of Rhonda Roberts, University of Wollongong, Australia, ‘Issues in Modelling Innovation Intense Environments: The Importance of the Historical and Cultural Context’ defines innovation intense environments as those special spaces which are purported to accelerate the rate of innovation and proliferation of new, high technology industries.

The author examines six different models of IIEs: (1) the industry cluster, (2) the information city, (3) the technopolis, (4) the milieu, (5) the science park, and (6) the regional innovation system. These models have many overlaps: the information city and technopolis are both cities, a cluster and a milieu can be a city or part of a city, and all four can be part of a regional innovation system. However, major differences arose when discussing what makes the core innovation process in each case. Innovation processes tend to rely on one or a combination of information access, the dynamic role of the entrepreneur, the formation of new partnerships/interrelations, and the operation of synergy.

Source: Issues in Modelling Innovation Intense Environments
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
Vol. 17, No. 4, 477–495, December 2005