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The 2005 World Knowledge Competitiveness Index

wkciThe 2005 edition of World Knowledge Competitiveness Index (WKCI) is published today by Robert Huggins Associates. The WKCI conciders to be the only composite and relative measure of the knowledge economies of the world’s leading regions.

The WKCI is an integrated and overall benchmark of the knowledge capacity, capability and sustainability of 125 regions across the globe, and the extent to which this knowledge is translated into economic value, and transferred into the wealth of the citizens of these regions, utilising 19 knowledge economy benchmarks, including employment levels in the knowledge economy, patent registrations, R&D investment by the private and public sector, education expenditure, information and communication technology infrastructure, and access to private equity. The WKCI is the only existing instrument that benchmarks such regional performance at a global level, with index comprising of 55 North American regions, 45 from Europe and 25 from Asia-Pacific.

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