Urenio Watch Watch: Digital Cities / Cyber Cities

International Competition for CyberArts 2006

For the third time, Prix Ars Electronica, an international prize for computer-based art, is starting its call for entries for “Digital Communities” projects. The category “Digital Communities” is singling out for recognition projects of great socio-political relevance.

The Digital Communities category is open to political, social and cultural projects, initiatives, groups and scenes from all over the world that display contentious commitment in coming up with smart, successful ways of deploying digital technologies to solve social problems.

Particular emphasis is placed on a project’s degree of community innovation, its sustainability and its use of technology in a way that makes good sense and is attuned to the needs of the people meant to benefit from it. Digital Communities projects should make it easier for people to access technology, networks and the Digital Commons.

Among the projects, phenomena and fields of activity subsumed under the heading Digital Communities are:

* Social software
* Peer-produced open source projects
* Emergent democracy
* Social networking systems
* Social self-support groups
* Learning and knowledge communities
* Filtering and reputation systems
* Computer supported collaborative processes
* Citizen involvement initiatives, citizen conferences
* eDemocracy, eGovernment, eGovernance
* Digital neighbourhoods, community networks
* Digital cities, urban development projects
* Gaming communities
* Free net initiatives, wireless LAN projects
* Telecenters