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Innovative Cities for the Next Generation

icing_logICING stands for “Innovative Cities for the Next Generation” It is a Specific targeted research project / IST call 4 funded by the E.C.

ICING (Innovative Cities for the Next Generation) proposes to research concepts of e-Government based on a multimodal, multi-access approach to a ‘thin-skinned City’ that is sensitive to the citizen and to the environment, using mobile devices, universal access gateways, social software and environmental sensors.

The intelligent infrastructure will enable a Public Administration Services layer and a Communities layer. Communities will be able to interact with the infrastructure to get services created by the administration, and create their own information-based services.

Outcomes include a Vision Model of a more sensitive and accessible city; Technology Models and Open Source Tools for multi-modal access, Communications Gateways and Location Based Services that interact with the citizen and the environment; an ‘Urban Mediator’ system for citizen-led services; Research-Based Evidence of community use; a Roadmap for implementation and further RTD.


Proposal Abstract

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