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Entrepreneur27 Technology Symposium

The Entrepreneur27 Technology Symposium, concluded at Stanford University, was a chance for nine start-ups to demo their products to influential representatives from newspapers, popular blogs, progressive companies, universities, and venture capitalist firms.

The companies that presented at the symposium were as follows:

The Entrepreneur 27 events aim to:

* Create an open forum for the stimulation and exchange of ideas
* Generate opportunities to learn and inspire each other
* Promote entrepreneurship in the technology area

The events’ participants are able to:

* Learn how the speakers did what they did, the challenges they overcame, what motivated them, and what they are doing now.
* What it is like to run your own company
* Meet other people with similar ideas and passions

The event organisers argue that “After extensive research and studying trends, we found that most successful entrepreneurs have been under 27.”