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LIFT. Life, Ideas, Futures. Together.

LIFT aims to connect people who are passionate about new applications of technology and propel their conversations into the broader world to improve life and work.

Lift was a conference for those whose work depends on understanding current challenges and creative solutions presented by emerging technologies. Leading thinkers, researchers, and builders talked about what they’re doing, what they’re changing, and what they see on the horizon.

The conference focused on 5 broad themes: internet, design, humanitarian work, emerging technologies and big ideas.

In the speakers they were included:

* Cory Doctorow, European coordinator of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, talked about defending citizens’ rights in the Internet age, how our economy can do without intellectual property, from the death of copyright.

* Robert Scoble, the man who is changing the Microsoft’s corporate culture via his blog (Scobleizer) spoke about how blogs can become powerful tools for corporate communication.

* Euan Semple, the head of knowledge management at the BBC, explained how he introduced tools that helped BBC staff collaborate more effectively.

* Matt Jones, Concept Development Manager in Nokia’s Insight and Foresight team, talked about his work researching future mobile device user experiences.

* David Galipeau, UNAIDS, shared his vision of how new technologies will radically improve how this UN agency coordinates global action against the AIDS epidemic.

* Marc Laperrouza of the London School of Economics and Evian Group, specialist in China, told us about how this country is trying to control access to the Internet.

* Stefana Broadbent, an ethnographer working for Swisscom Innovations, shared her observations of how people integrate new technologies into their lives.

* Chris Lawer, founder of The OMC Group and PhD researcher, talked about Co-creation, or how companies will be obliged to create with their customers since the Internet will give a voice to each one of them, whether the companies agree or not.

* Hugh Mac Leod, a leading European specialist in alternative marketing with background in traditional publicity, was interested in how to use the Internet and blogs to get\ messages out.