Urenio Watch Watch: Innovative Companies

How Companies Use Innovation to Build Value

How do companies encourage and manage the process of innovation? Last year, Knowledge@Wharton and the Boston Consulting Group teamed up to identify the world’s most innovative firms and invited them to answer that question.

In practice, the way different organizations approach innovation varies widely. How do companies identify new ideas that eventually turn into products? How do they identify and overcome barriers to innovation? How do they build an innovative culture? Knowledge@Wharton asked these questions and more to participants at the Ben Franklin Forum on Innovation held recently in Philadelphia. These included experts from Wharton, the Boston Consulting Group, as well as executives from companies such as Procter & Gamble, IDEO, Intel and Microsoft, among others. In this series of podcast interviews, these experts explain how they think about innovation and its challenges.

A report also presents a summary of the discussions.