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IBM – Innovation matters now more than ever

“Innovation that matters” is IBM’s newest strategic initiative that extends the On Demand Business strategy. For the promotion of this initiative IBM has set up a new Web site showing how “innovation can make you special.”

IBM provides a list of six potential doorways to innovation within a company:

* Consider your business model
* Examine your processes
* Challenge your management culture
* Make your products special
* Make your services special
* Respond to changing conditions

The website gives visitors a sense of the possibilities of innovation — the abundance of technologies, skills, approaches and capabilities that are available to every decision-maker, in every part of the world. Innovation enablers are more powerful, affordable and accessible than ever before:

* Smart objects
* The connectedness of every thing
* Supercomputing for everyone
* Information put to work
* Collaboration and co-creation
* The marketplace for expertise
* The virtual corporation
* Hundreds more

The website also provides inspiration through some role models — IBM clients who are innovating in some way, in some part of their business or organization, to create value and differentiation. The cases are divided into four sections:

* Innovate your business model
* Collaborate with others
* Innovate in services
* Innovate to make a difference