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Finnish Innovation System

The paper of Ronald N. Kostoff, Rene Tshiteya, Christine A. Bowles, and Tuure Tuunanen ‘The structure and infrastructure of Finnish research literature’ identifies four main research topics that describe the core knowledge competences of the Finnish innovation system: (1) Wireless Networks and Mobile Communication, (2) Signal Processing, (3) Materials Science and Engineering, and (4) Chemistry.

The identification was based on the analysis of research literature. A representative database of technical articles was extracted from the Science Citation Index for the years 2003–2004, with each article containing at least one author with a Finnish address. Document clustering was used to identify the main technical themes (core competencies). The research topics identified from the clustering were further analyzed using bibliometrics, in order to identify the infrastructure of these research areas. Finally, the citation performance of Finnish research in the four pervasive technical topics above, and in other technical topics obtained by analysis of Abstract phrases, was compared to that of two Scandanavian countries with similar population and GDP, Norway and Denmark.

The analysis justifies the views of specialization of innovation systems of small, but technologically advanced countries in a limited number of research areas and technologies and the pursuit of global lead in these areas.

Source: Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Vol. 18, May 2006, pp. 187-220.