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Washington’s Innovation & Technology Metrics

Every year, the Washington Technology Center puts together a comprehensive analysis of trends and indicators that provide a statistical backdrop for measuring the state’s technology based economic growth.

WTC’s Index of Innovation and Technology is the culmination of this analysis published in a statistical report. The data is categorized into six core indicators: Innovation, Competitiveness, Growth, Financial Capacity, Human Potential, and Quality of Life.

The trends evident in these indicators point to patterns of success and growth for technology industries in Washington State.

Additionally, WTC’s Index identifies strengths and growth opportunities for 12 distinct communities in Washington State: Bellingham, Bremerton, Ellensburg, North Central (Wenatchee area), Olympia, Pullman, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, and Yakima.

WTC’s Index of Innovation & Technology is the only comprehensive report to examine and analyze Washington state’s technology economy potential as a whole and provides detailed comparisons of the state’s communities, both urban and rural against these same measures.

By illustrating the growth potential statewide as well as regionally, the Index has proven itself a valuable planning and promotional resource to companies, economic development agencies, and legislators.


Download the 2006 Index of Innovation & Technology [PDF]