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Intelligent Environments

The 2nd IET International Conference on Intelligent Environments, 5-6 July 2006, Athens, will provide a leading edge forum for researchers and engineers from across the world to present their latest research and to discuss future directions in this area. The meeting will bring together researchers from both industry and academia from the various disciplines contributing to the area on Intelligent Environments.

The realisation of inhabitable Intelligent Environments requires the convergence of different prominent disciplines: Information Science, Architecture, Material Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Sociology and Design. In addition, technical breakthroughs are required in key enabling technology fields, such as, microelectronics (e.g., miniaturisation, power consumption), communication and networking technologies (e.g., broadband and wireless networks), smart materials (e.g., bio-implants) and intelligent agents (e.g., context awareness and ontologies).

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