Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent Cities / Smart Cities

Intelligent Cities Project

The project ‘Intelligent Cities: Innovative cities and competitiveness for sustainable development’, supported by INTERREG IIIC – South Zone, has as main objective to formulate an urban strategy for the creation of ‘innovation hubs’ (spaces of innovation).

An “innovation hub” may be defined as an environment of excellence in which coexist enterprises, organisations of science and technology, institutions of higher education, and the civil society, working together for the sustainable development of the city and its periphery. Thus science and technology are serving the rehabilitation and regeneration of cities. Innovation hubs may be found in many regions of the world, like the 22@bcn in Barcelona, “The Digital Hub” in Dublin, the “Genetics Knowledge Park” in Cambridge, the “Malaysia Knowledge Corridor”, the “Dubai Knowledge Village”, the ‘”One North” in Singapore.

This is one more case in which the concept of intelligent cities is linked directly to innovation, clusters, and learning.

Source: Project website