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How Globalization is Driving the Future of Business

MIT 2006 Innovations in Management conference showcases MIT Sloan School of Management faculty research that has a direct bearing on the innovation process and its implications for corporate performance.

Faculty at the MIT Sloan School of Management is developing deep insight into the challenges of global markets. Working with leaders from international corporations, they are examining issues of innovation, global entrepreneurship, and global knowledge creation and sharing, as well as international labor practices and finding better ways of developing better products globally.

The 5th Annual Innovations in Management Conference has been designed to help senior managers stay abreast of strategic approaches to management in a global environment. Special highlights include:

  • PRODUCTS vs. SERVICES – Which is the better business model?
    With low-cost competition from China, creating a successful products company is becoming increasingly hard to do.
  • CREATING PRODUCTS GLOBALLY – Evolving best practices
    How competitive fi rms are thinking strategically about global product development processes.
  • GLOBAL INNOVATION STRATEGY – Making the most of distributed talent
    How firms are tapping into open global sources of knowledge to solve their most difficult scientific problems.

The conference’s program has been designed to share important new findings on innovation and leadership in global business practice from Sloan’s internationally-renowned faculty: