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A “Digital Korea” Tour Itinerary

The Digiens@u-City blog has a great post that outlines a 7-day tour itinerary for “digital Korea” that is a good way to get acquainted with both the top-down and bottom-up sides of Korea’s emerging digital/broadband culture.

The author suggests the following urban spaces:

  • Digilux Hotel in Korea. Digilux means Digital & Luxury, and digilux hotel is a new trend with digital multimedia services through large screen TV.
  • Korean type Spa. Zzimzilbang is the only place to experience saunas, skin care, nail art, massage, and digital entertainment at the same time.
  • Ubiquitous Dream Exhibition Hall. The Ubiquitous Dream Exhibition was setup with the leading companies of the ubiquitous IT generation, as the exhibition centre of domestic companies with leading digital home network technologies and products.
  • FREE PC bang at the Korea National Tourism Organization’s “Cyber Lounge”. In Cyber Lounge, which is operated by the Korea National Tourism Organization, visitors receive one hour of free internet access by simply sign-in at the front desk.
  • Samsung Digital Home Gallery. Show Rooms that present the latest Samsung’s products for the digital home.
  • Ubiquitous Busan at Hand. The city is ready to make Busan a first ubiquitous city in the world, which would offer a springboard toward a new development.
  • APEC IT exhibition at Bexco. APEC participants will get a glimpse into a ubiquitous world where people can be networked anytime, anywhere, as they can “touch and feel” WiBro and satellite DMB services during the APEC meeting.
  • Samsung multimedia experience zone opened at COEX. Samsung Electronics opened a multimedia experience zone, “M-Zone” where customers can feel a digital life at Seoul. The M-Zone means mobile generation with digital multimedia.
  • Cell-phones Picking Up Unusual Names: “Chocolate Phone”
  • Yongsan Electronics Complex: world’s greatest consumer e-product complex. A place where you can purchase electronics at prices 20-30% lower than those at other shopping malls.
  • Personal Digital Guides at Korea’s National Museum. The digital guide system allows visitors to get their preferred courses and brief interpretations of each piece in both audio and video, through a handheld device like PDAs and MP3 players that receives signals from sensors built into the building.
  • Virtual Reality as Technology for Culture. Virtual or mixed reality is central to cultural technology, because a big part of culture is in experiencing it, and VR is essentially the only medium that allows such a thing.
  • u-Zone at Incheon International Airport. A Ubiquitous IT Center called the ‘Ubiquitous-Zone (U-Zone)’ was opened near the 3rd floor departure gate at Incheon International Airport.


Digiens@u-City: Digital Korea Tour in a Week