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Secrets of Samsung’s innovation success

Samsung’s innovative spirit is driven by 17 R&D centres and 6 design centres worldwide. Of the world’s smartest technology professionals, 32,000 of them work in these centres and 10 percent hold doctorates from some of the world’s most academically-prestigious universities.

Dr Chang-Gyu Hwang was invited to address leading academic institutions at the recent APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities) presidents’ meeting, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor business, Dr Chang-Gyu Hwang, revealed the secrets behind the global technology giant’s success.

Approximately 15 percent of the R&D team is focused purely on the research of human needs and lifestyles 10 years from now. This is research that places Samsung beyond the realms of the industry’s main players.

Ten percent of Samsung Group revenues ($US56.7 billion in 2005) are invested in these activities each year – a huge investment that continues to reap valuable returns.

The coming together of bio, nano and information technology is set to drive the further development in seamless mobile and digital consumer electronics. Convergence at chip level will mean simultaneous function of multiple applications, memory formats and data storage. For the first time, ‘fusion technology’ will make all of these capabilities available on the same chip, so will be ideal for small, yet powerful, mobile devices.

To ensure the continuation of this breakthrough research and development, Samsung Electronics has a number of global initiatives to attract, cultivate and retain the smartest people, ensuring that Samsung is not only a brand that people trust and admire, but is a company that they aspire to join.

“Samsung’s efforts to develop its human resources and attract the world’s smartest innovators, inventors and designers are fundamental to our success in creating the next technology era,” said Dr Hwang.

“Today, one smart person affects the survival of 10,000 people. The need for core human resources has never been more urgent and cannot be achieved without the help of the world’s universities,” said Dr. Hwang.

“An important part of recruitment includes close communication and interaction with the academia which includes frequent visits and presentations at renowned universities.”

Samsung attracts and retains some of the brightest and smartest in the global technology industry, offering opportunities for international growth, development and education of its staff in 120 offices across 57 countries through international work placements, scholarships and postgraduate study opportunities.

The APRU presidents’ meeting is an initiative organised to promote discussion and collaboration between academic institutions in Pacific Rim economies. Samsung Electronics’ involvement in the APRU President’s Meeting is a symbol of the organisation’s goals to partner with leading players in the global knowledge economy.

Dr Hwang has been with Samsung Electronics since 1989; his responsibilities include research, development, and manufacturing of all semiconductors, OMS (Optical Media Solution) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive) products.

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