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Global Digital City Network

The Global Digital City Network is an international organisation between ‘knowledge based’ industrial cities. It is designed to promote the competitiveness of member cities, leveraged by synergy effect through the exchange of information and technologies.

For the development of Global Digital City Network (GDCN), its member cities have reached a mutual agreement to operate the following business matters:

  • To meet the rapidly changing multimedia environment, the technology is been developed in collaboration between the member cities, through annual conference.
  • By participating in seminars, forum and exhibition on international scale, the cities can exchange information about the knowledge industry classified by international cities.
  • Cooperative projects between the member cities are developed and operated. The interchange and cooperation of civil enterprises and companies are also supported.
  • The cities of each country cooperatively make marketing business, which goes around the participated cities, and open the knowledge industry exhibition about multimedia, VR, animation, information communication, Bio fields, etc.
  • The cities find and promote the cooperative business, related to internet commercial transaction, self-governing administration, and the business for mutual development like language training. They also promote the idea of “Global Digital City Network” including technical supporting business for non-member cities.

At the present the network consists of the following 12 cities:

Chuncheon, Shenyang, Yanji, Jilin, Dalian, Kakamigahara, Inuyama, Taipei, Dubai
Dundee, Nizhny Novgorod
Gold Coast


Global Digital City Network