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The Architecture of Intelligent Cities

Intelligent communities and cities belong to an emerging movement targeting the creation of environments that improve cognitive skills and abilities to learn and innovate. They are environments that enable superior cognitive capabilities, creativity, and innovation, which are created from combinations of individual, collective, and artificial intelligence.

Two academic traditions have been feeding the discussion about intelligent cities and regions: the literatures on innovative environments and digital cities. Intelligent cities and regions are conceived as environments enhancing knowledge and innovation with the support of information and communication technologies.

Intelligent cities are territories with developed knowledge-intensive activities and innovative clusters; embedded routines of social co-operation enabling knowledge sharing and cooperative innovation; developed communication infrastructure and digital spaces for knowledge and innovation management; and proven ability to innovate and resolve problems that appear for the first time, since the capacity to innovate and manage uncertainty are critical factors for characterizing intelligence.

Full paper: The Architecture of Intel Cities

Source: Intelligent Environments 06, 2nd IET International Conference Proceedings, Athens, 5-6 July 2006, pp. 13-21.
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