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What is a ‘smart city’?

‘A smart city is a community in which members of local government, business, education, health care institutions and the general public understand the potential of information technology. These groups form alliances to use technology to transform their community in order to become economically competitive in the global economy and create new partnerships.

For instance, The SMART Winnipeg project will provide the following benefits:
– Broaden the reach in community connectiveness and broadband capability
– Provide an atmosphere where educational institutions can work together in market driven training and distant education; that create new opportunities for learning and the ability to export training beyond traditional boundaries
– Give economic development departments the opportunity to combine resources, co-locate with educational institutes and become more accessible to the public and to entrepreneurs
– Give new technology businesses a place to start and grow
– Facilitate connect Winnipeg’s knowledge base and healthcare system with rural and remote northern communities
-Ensure the cultural, heritage and ancestral traditions are not lost and forgotten to future generations by enhancing smart library services

What is a smart city?
Smart Winnipeg Development Plan