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Intellectual Capital for Communities: Nations, regions, and cities

In this book, editors Ahmed Bounfour (University of Paris XI, France) and Leif Edivinsson (University of Lund, Sweden) have brought together twenty two contributions on intellectual capital. The papers focus on measuring and managing the intellectual capital of communities, cities, regions, and nations. The collection is organized in four parts dealing respectively with:
– Part One: Modelling and contextualising IC for Communities
– Part Two: IC for Nations
– Part Three: IC for Regions
– Part Four: IC for Cities and Local Communities

Intellectual capital, knowledge, IT, intangible assets are forces driving an emerging knowledge economy. At it is stated: “If intangibles and intellectual capital are important to the private sector, they are also important to the productivity and competitiveness of the public sector, and so to communities and nations as a whole. … Once there is a clear way to identify where wealth is created in a given region/nation, this process has the potential to reveal a huge knowledge repository in the public sector with a significant—but idle—potential for collective wealth creation—the wealth of nations in waiting”.

Source: Elsevier