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IBM’s new Innovation Weblog

Called the Next Level Weblog, IBM’s new blog, focuses on innovation in a number of contexts such as within society, finance, health, IT, marketing, public sector, and retail. It also covers personal innovation favourites, pitfalls of innovation, promising innovation trends, and the future enterprise.

IBM has launched this weblog to outline all different perspectives on innovation and future developments. The company addresses two key expectations from this blog as well as from other company’s efforts on new media:

To learn:
As an innovation-based company, it believes in the importance of open exchange and learning – between IBM and its clients, and among the many constituents of their emerging business and societal ecosystem. The rapidly growing phenomenon of blogging and online dialogue are emerging important arenas for that kind of engagement and learning.
To contribute:
IBM – as a business, as an innovator and as a corporate citizen – makes important contributions to the world, to the future of business and technology, and to public dialogue on a broad range of societal issues. As company’s business activities increasingly focus on the provision of transformational insight and high-value innovation – whether to business clients or those in the public, educational or health sectors – it becomes increasingly important for IBM and IBMers to share with the world the exciting things we’re doing learning and doing, and to learn from others.

The following examples will give you a general idea about the blog:


Next Level Weblog

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