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Virtual ISP

VISP project logo VISP is a 6th Framework Specific Targeted Research Project. The project objective is the development of a software platform enabling a cluster of SMEs to operate as a single business entity with dynamic business models and produce tailored (specialised, complex and individualised)
Internet Service Provider (ISP) solutions adapted to local business needs. The project partenrship is composed of 7 ICT sector SMEs and 4 research centres from 11 countries in Europe.

The project will enable the most appropriate individualised services to be provided to each customer, thus allowing small ISPs to differentiate themselves from their larger competitors and the incumbent operators. The knowledge, experience and visibility gained during this project will allow the SMEs involved in VISP to initiate and/or extend their eBusiness and semantic Web commercial activities by developing specific commercial projects for their customers, undertaking consultancy activities, etc.

VISP will innovate by focusing on service implementation for complex ISP services in a multi-party business collaboration context and by standardising the way these ISP services are implemented and provisioned. By using and innovating on existing business workflow technologies, VISP will provide an innovative and flexible workflow execution platform, allowing cluster partners and their customers to manage and monitor workflows in a secure way. The ability to organise, distribute, coordinate and automate service implementation and provisioning is a key aspect of the operations of the virtual ISP.

More at project website: http://www.visp-project.org/index.html