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Mind-to market : University Biotechnology Research Transfer

The Milken Institute released an in-depth examination of the world’s leading universities for biotechnology research and technology transfer, namely the ability of those universities to turn their intellectual property into commercial applications. This examination of the commercialization of university research reveals that the U.S. dominates the top rankings on many key measures, including published research, patents issued and licensing income.

The study, Mind to Market: A Global Analysis of University Biotechnology Transfer and Commercialization, includes the Milken Institute University Technology Transfer and Commercialization Index, which ranks U.S. and Canadian universities at their ability to take world-class research and turn it into licensing income and business startups.

The top five are:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. University of California system
3. California Institute of Technology
4. Stanford University
5. University of Florida

Among the study’s key findings:

· Research activity has a high rate of return. Each 10-point increase in the Institute’s score for published research contributes an additional $1.7 million to a university’s annual licensing income.

· For every $1 invested in an office of technology transfer (OTT) staff, the university receives more than $6 in licensing income.

· For each additional year that an OTT is in operation, $228,000 of incremental licensing income is generated for the university.

For more information, including the complete rankings and full report, visit: www.milkeninstitute.org