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Digital Communities Starter Kit

Digital Communities Starter Kits are designed to be complete end-to-end, turnkey solutions to enable municipalities to launch wired and wireless applications. Each Starter Kit offers a complete tried and tested package to implement a specific municipal solution. Digital Communities solutions are built on a three-tier architecture: (1) a communication infrastructure, (2) a computing infrastructure, and (3) an application layer. These solutions can be deployed on a range of client devices, simplifying their adoption by public-sector customers.

Communication Infrastructure
This foundation layer is comprised of wireline and wireless broadband connectivity technologies. It enables standards-based interoperability to support multiple kinds of networks and their associated communication protocols.

Computing Infrastructure
Built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), this layer includes standards based technologies required for ensuring data and access security; enabling geospatial information and location-based services; and supporting intelligent documents, web services management, and document routing. The combined communication and computing infrastructures form the Digital Communities Fabric.

Application Layer
Digital Communities bring together government agencies, businesses, and citizens through the fabric, which integrates applications, services and drives information access.

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