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Microsoft’s Accelerator for Digital Cities

Microsoft’s commitment to the promotion of the Information Society in local environments has materialized in the development of an Accelerator for Digital Cities. The Accelerator is conceived as a platform for housing portals for city councils. Each portal allows the city council to interact with citizens, organizations and companies in the municipalities. The Digital Cities Accelerator allows small and medium-sized city councils to offer their citizens, companies and civil servants a collection of informational and transactional services that are normally inaccessible,given the elevated cost of their implementation and maintenance.

The Digital City is an advanced communication model that, by means of a high-speed network and the use of any device such as mobile telephone, PC, PDA or television, enables a citizen to request a service from the local authorities like a certificate of residency or doctor’s appointment, pay taxes, shop or consult any type of information.

More: http://www.ciudadesdigitales.org/

Source: DigitalCitiesBrochure.pdf